A combo for February & a “waka” poem of longing for the Spring 2月の着物と春を待ち侘びる一首

I often shop kimonos at auction sites located in Japan and send them via Sea parcel which takes 2-3 months until delivery. It is just in order to compress shipping costs.

This kimono is such one. It shipped from Kawasaki port at the end of November and delivered few days ago.

I have been looking forward to see it in my hand, and this one is lovable as much as I expected!

Dear readers, you may know that there is an aesthetic of kimono, which is to catch a right season. From perspectives of designs, motives and textile materials, a kimono has an appropriate season of the Year. Just for a simple example, if I took a kimono with “plum flower” (Ume) motif  on a time of “cherry blossom” (Sakura), it would not “stylish”, because the season of plum flower is already over.

Well, now, let’s back to the kimono which was added in to my wardrobe recently.

Which season would be most suitable for this one, do you think?

To me, it is the end of Winter or February.  Because the earthy colors and geometric pattern remind me a soil uncovered with melting snow.

Borrwoed the photo from 無料写真素材「花ざかりの森」

Also, the yellow liner reminds me Fukujuso flower or Crocus, which are flowers telling us arrival of the Spring.

Would you agree with me?!

I do not want to miss the season to take this one. Or do I have to wait till next Year otherwise ?!

I am anxious to find an opportunity to go out in this combo now.


By the way, I happen to find a “Waka” poem that is very much expressing a feeling of longing for Spring, As I reading a book about “The way of tea”, known as “Chado or Sado“, 

To those who wait
Only for flowers,
Show them a spring
Of grass amid the snow
In a moutain village.

– Fujiwara no Ietaka



Hana o nomi
Matsuran hito ni
Yamazato no
Yukima no kusa no
Haru o misebaya.

The grand master Rikyu was referred this verse as it shows his ideal “wabi” bauty.

Mmmm, what “wabi” is? It seems a sence of aesthetic of the way of tea.

I have just take a step in to the long’n deep path of this art.  I hope I can get it soon!